How long can the mask market last

2022-02-28 02:33:00 384

  Due to the shortage of supply, the price of masks in all links has increased, and the capital market has responded with wisdom. From melt blown materials to related production equipment, this concept continues to heat up. So as to make up for the shortage of some medical equipment. This kind of equipment realizes self-control and brings significant benefits to the listed companies.

  Masks are still in short supply and are one of the imperfect protective products. Accordingly, the emotional impact of the company has increased significantly in the short term. After this upsurge subsides, enterprises with medical mask production qualification still deserve long-term attention. Some nonwoven enterprises benefit from the long-term supply of rigid nonwoven masks.

  Benefiting from the expansion of its production capacity, the demand for relevant production machines will increase significantly and the price will rise in the short term. Relevant mechanism manufacturers may benefit to varying degrees in the short term.

  Although the domestic epidemic has been controlled, the situation of the epidemic abroad is not optimistic, so there is still a great demand for this medical material. In addition, after the epidemic, people will store some epidemic prevention materials from time to time, so the market will still have a market in the future.