How to buy storage box

2022-04-12 09:22:21 132

  There are more and more items in modern family life, and all kinds of storage boxes came into being. How to choose a good clothes storage box?

  Because the difference of human body is not great, the size of general clothes is within a certain range, so the folding size of most wardrobe (except coat, windbreaker, cold clothes, etc.) is about one quarter of the chest circumference and the size after folding.

  The size of the storage box must match the wardrobe space as much as possible, so as to maximize the utilization of the wardrobe space. The storage box in the wardrobe should divide the large space into small units, which not only does not waste space, but also realizes the management of small units. Otherwise, does it look good to put multiple boxes in?

  Non woven fabrics are more breathable than plastics, nylon and other materials and are more suitable for clothing storage and storage. At the same time, we must choose pure non-woven fabrics. Many non-woven fabrics on the market are mixed with stone powder.

  Household goods storage: toys can be put in the storage box at home. Bits and pieces of small things, some ingredients, condiments, etc.; Office supplies storage: office documents. There are many supplies, which can be put into the storage box to keep the desktop clean and tidy.

  Moving storage: when moving, you can use the storage box to pack some small things, which is more convenient. The storage box has many uses. At home, you can put toys and odds and ends in the storage box. Put the storage box in the kitchen and put some ingredients, condiments and various kitchen utensils. In the bathroom, you can also put cosmetics and bath supplies in the storage box.

  The above is about how to buy a storage box. I hope the article can give you some help and reference value. In addition, if necessary, customers can directly contact our company for consultation. Our company attaches great importance to product quality and quality. We also have a relatively perfect after-sales service process. There is no need to worry about after-sales problems.