Huaining Wangyang non-woven products Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise specializing in the design, production, sales, processing and export of non-woven products. The company has advanced packaging production and production experience and strong technical force. We provide you with high-quality imported or domestic disposable masks, kn95 masks, protective clothing and isolation clothing; Dust covers for all kinds of clothes, including suit cover, wedding dress cover, dust cover, etc; Storage box, canvas bag, thermal insulation bag and other non-woven products. With high-quality products and good service, the company's products are exported to Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other parts of the country. Huaining Wangyang nonwoven products Co., Ltd. is based on "integrity" and "your satisfaction" is the pursuit of Huaining Wangyang nonwoven products Co., Ltd.

  Facing the increasingly fierce market competition, we can achieve steady development by taking the market as the guidance, quality as the life and technological innovation as the support. While studying the market, we should not forget to grasp the quality, and ensure the successful implementation of technical projects with continuous capital investment, so as to improve the product quality and expand the market share. The market economy does not sympathize with the weak, but it will not be reckless. In the face of the survival competition of enterprises, it relies more on rationality and wisdom. It is not greedy for the big, but for the good, not for a flash in the pan, but for the four seasons like spring. The goal is still the root of towering trees. Warmly welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to visit us.